Back to School!

It’s Back to School Soon! 🏫

Does going back to school cause you and your child anxiety or stress?

The stress of whether or not your child will make friends, be liked and completes their homework on time, is concerning to you.

This is something I constantly hear in my practice.

Parents or caregivers hoping that their child wakes happy and the transition to back to school is smooth.

Crossing your fingers that the homework assigned is not overwhelming for your child.

I can tell you from my own experience with teaching children and being a homeopathic practitioner that an EASY transition does not happen on its own.

It requires PLANNING.

Here are some suggestions you can implement to make the adjustment easier

  • Have your child start their bedtime routine five or more days in advance 😴💤
  • If allowed, take a tour of your child’s school ahead of time. Show them their classroom, the playground, etc 🚸
  • Get your child interested in looking forward to meeting their teacher 👩 👨‍
  • Have them write a hello letter or draw a picture to give to the teacher 📓
  • Set a positive goal for your child, something to look forward to when they come home such as a creative activity or a special meal that you both can do together 🎨


The first day of school can be successful.


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